Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mama Strut work?

Mama Strut is a patent pending medical device designed to make postpartum recovery more comfortable and more successful. Although every postpartum is different, almost all include discomforts of the pelvis’ soft tissue. Mama Strut uses commonly accepted principals (P.R.I.C.E.S) followed by doctors, physical therapists and trainers to treat soft tissue damage and pain. Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate and Support are the main components of advice given by health care professionals when we damage our soft tissue. Soft tissue needs time to rest to heal and is aided by ice and/or heat during the healing process. Mama Strut now makes this easy an effective on the pelvis.


What is your address, fax number, and tax ID number?

PELV-ICE’s Tax Id # 46-4227793

Fax: 424-293-1283

Phone: 844-370-1858

Address: 7083 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028


How Do I Care for Mama Strut?

Machine or hand wash cold. Tumble dry no heat or lay flat. Do not bleach or dry clean.


Can I wear Mama Strut during pregnancy?

Mama Strut has two different options as different types of support are needed during pregnancy and postpartum. They both provide hot/cold therapy and pelvic floor, lower back and abdominal support. For more info head to our shop page!

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Is Mama Strut for C-Section deliveries too?

Yes, Mama Strut has helped many c-section mamas. All mamas appreciate the total pelvic support and adjustable ice/heat therapy no matter how they end up delivering. C-section mamas in particular really love the all-in-one construction which keeps the band from riding or spinning on their tender tummies. The sturdy part of the band should be placed above your c-section incision. This is unlike any other postpartum care product on the market.

Take a look at 3 time C-section mama Kristen’s video on Facebook under our video section.


How can I choose the correct postpartum size while I am still pregnant?

Mama Strut by Pelv-Ice comes in XS-4XL we’ve got you covered! We can help you size several ways.

Measure below the belly and around the hips and reference our sizing guide. We also have free sizing kits. To request one, head to our sizing page!

If you are between two sizes we suggest you purchase the larger size. The Band Extenders ($4.99) are a must have too as even with a properly sized Mama Strut you may be very swollen post birth (water weight) and these give you 3” extra to ensure you can put your Mama Strut on right away.

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Isn’t it “too messy” after having a baby to wear Mama Strut?

No, Mama Strut was designed to be put on immediately after birth to maximize the effect of the cold compression. You will use it slightly different while bleeding heavily. You will need to use the ice source that the hospital or birth center provides on top of the large feminine pad that is secured inside the Mama Strut until the bleeding goes down and you can use a thin pad and the gel packs that are provided with the Mama Strut.

Real Mama Strut Mamas also suggest that you put your Mama Strut on right after delivery to start your post birth recovery off right. Mama Strut was specifically designed to be used with the large feminine pads they give you at the hospital and in fact keeps everything in place so there is less mess. Unlike the thin disposable underwear they give you at the hospital which allows the ice and pad to move around, Mama Strut keeps everything together and just where you need it. We have a video on Facebook that demonstrates in-hospital use if you would like more information.


How long should I wear it?

Postpartum healing is at least 6 weeks so many of our mamas have reported wearing Mama Strut at least that long. Some mamas wear their Mama Strut 24/7, whereas other only wear it when out and about.

We have surveyed our users recently and the average was 4-6 weeks but it really depends on your birth injury. We have had women that used it for 2 weeks and we have had women that used it for several months. Listen to your body. We have also had many mamas keep Mama Strut on hand for painful periods after postpartum, lower back pain or fibroids.

Every recovery is different and we suggest you wear your Mama Strut until you feel like you do not need it anymore. Also, you should consult with your doctor or midwife for their advice if you are at all unsure.


Can I sleep in my Mama Strut?

Many of our Mama Strut mamas have reported wearing the system 24/7 during their postpartum recovery. If you find that you need the support at night you can wear the Mama Strut in bed. As above, we recommend listening to your body and seeing what feels best for you on your postpartum journey.


Is a Prescription required? How do I bill through insurance?

Mama Strut Postpartum Care System does not require a prescription for purchase, but if you want to get reimbursed or have your insurance cover it you will need one. There are several options for billing through insurance, click below for more info!

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Where can I purchase Mama Strut?

You can purchase Mama Strut online on Amazon or at in the US and Amazon CA in Canada, in Mexico and Amazon UK in Europe.

We also have select retailers in the USA

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I got the wrong size. What do I do?

We will happily exchange your Mama Strut if it is the wrong size with a different one as long as it fits our return policy. Email for help.

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Do I really need a Mama Strut? Women have been birthing without one since the beginning of time.

Ask a Mama Strut Mama and she will tell you that she would not birth again without one. We use supports, braces and ice/heat therapy on every other soft tissue and skeletal injury on the body like knees, ankles and shoulders, so why should the pelvis be any different? Pelvic soft tissue needs the same care that you would provide these other body parts so it can heal as quickly and as strong as possible. This is clinically proven sports medicine technology applied to mama care. Birth may be natural but it is a big deal. You need physical and emotional support during your postpartum recovery journey.

Also, most of our Mama Strut Mamas report not needing heavy pain medication when wearing Mama Strut. Mama Strut uses compression, ice and heat to combat aches, pains and swelling naturally.


How is Mama Strut better than a belly band, girdle or corset?

Mama Strut is the only product on the market that supports all sides of the pelvis including the all important pelvic floor and allow you to use ice/heat therapy and compression to manage postpartum pain, bleeding, swelling and pressure naturally. Belly bands only support the abdominals and lower back and do nothing to address the damaged pelvic floor postpartum. Girdles and corsets are often very uncomfortable and restrictive and difficult to put on. They are design to make you “look slimmer” but do not address the real physical support and changes that a new mama’s body experiences postpartum. Mama Strut hopes all mamas focus first on their health and wellness and wait until after they have healed to worry about regaining pre-baby body shape.


Does Mama Strut restore muscles after pregnancy or help with diastasis recti?

Many pelvic floor physical therapy specialists recommend and use Mama Strut in conjunction with physical therapy or home exercises to help with your diastases recti and restoring abdominal muscles back to their pre-pregnancy strength.


I am not pregnant or postpartum but I have pelvic pain, PSD, pubic symphysis, pubic pain, vaginal support, pelvic floor support, can it help me?

We have had mamas with pubic separation and diastasis recti and other pelvic dysfunction and pelvic pain benefit from Mama Strut. Mama Strut uniquely supports the pelvis and has ice/heat pouches to manage, pain, swelling, pressure and bleeding naturally.

The vaginal support can be tucked up in a neat pouch we have for it under the binder portion. You may still want to try it as it helps stabilize the hips too.


How can I sell Mama Strut or become an affiliate?

We are always looking for special mama-centric retailers or doctor’s offices to retail Mama Strut. Please email for more help. Thank you for taking such great care of your mamas!


Will Mama Strut make me shrink back postpartum like a tummy trainer, girdle, cinch, or belly bandit claims to?

Although we don’t make claims about weight or getting skinny many mamas have used mama strut similar to the way they would use a girdle but the added benefit is that it supports all sides of your pelvis including your tender mama bits and has the ice and heat therapy. It is also very comfortable.


Do you sell in Mexico, South America, Central America? Do you have information in Spanish?

Yes. Si. o


Will Insurance Reimburse Me For Mama Strut?

Mama Strut by PELV-ICE is a Class I medical device determined by the FDA in May 2013. PELV-ICE medical device products, such as Mama Strut can be reimbursable by your insurance provider. Every insurance company and their individual policies have different coverage or reimbursement rules. PELV-ICE LLC makes no claims that guarantee insurance coverage.

Mama Strut by PELV-ICE is a Class I medical device per the FDA under the categories:

  • Orthopedic and Surgical Supports
  • Joint Support Bandages


  • L8310 Vaginal prolapse supporter

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