Naturally Supporting the Way You Heal Postpartum™

 Mama Strut Moms share how their post birth recovery was less painful, faster, and happier because they wore Mama Strut.

"Mama Strut is not just a belly band to shrink your waist, it is a serious tool that every mom must have in her hospital bag for after delivery. It was essential for all 6 weeks of my maternity leave. I would not give birth without one again"
— Haley, 2nd time mom.





Jill (Mama Strut Founder)

Below Photos were taken of the founder of Mama Strut after delivering her 3rd child on Feb. 18, 2015 and February 20, 2015 at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, CA.

Immediately after delivery

Two days after delivery

Feel Good. Look Good.
Mama Strut is the new postpartum standard of care.

“I didn’t have a Mama Strut after the birth of my first child and the first few weeks after childbirth ended up being centered around my pain management and recovery when it should have been centered around caring for my new baby. After my second child, I was gifted a Mama Strut and it was a total game changer. I started using it as soon as I came home from the hospital and immediately regretted not knowing about it earlier! Mama Strut helped me manage my pain after child birth while allowing me to move around easily which is so important when you have a new baby, and especially as a mother of two. I am so grateful there is something like this out there and that someone took the time to come up with such a thoughtful product that can help every woman interested in taking control of her after birth experience.”
— Avital Simon Gottesman EndFragment

“The mama inventor of Mama Strut is a genius! It was amazing and so comfortable to wear. The (groin) insert for the ice pack was the best thing during recovery. I now recommend the product to all my girlfriends!”
— Raquel Dorsey, Miss California USA 2008

“In my first two pregnancies I had a belly band, it was okay but this time I packed a Mama Strut and wow what a difference! It comforted all sides of my pelvis including the most sore and important — my vagina! I am so glad I found Mama Strut. Mama Strut needs to be in every hospital and birthing center in the world!”
— Rebecca, mom of 3.

“I was so surprised that the hospital offered me nothing but pain pills and disposable underwear postpartum. Thankfully, my aunt gave me Mama Strut at my baby shower. Before giving birth I thought “what do I need this for?” But, as soon as my epidural started to wear off I couldn’t get it on fast enough. I am only 3 weeks postpartum and still hate talking it off to wash it or shower. For less than the cost of a latte a day Mama Strut is the best investment a new mom can make in her post birth recovery.”
— Kim, San Francisco

“I wanted to thank you for the mama strut! It was wonderful! I kept saying I feel like something is falling out and then a few days later I received mama strut. I needed something to hold me up and the mama strut did just that. Without the mama strut it was hard to sit down due to pain and pressure making breastfeeding hard. After mama strut I was able to sit and feed my little love without pain! Thank you so much for the wonderfully designed product that truly helps with postpartum pressure and pain.”

“EndFragment “The Mama Strut has been a complete lifesaver in my postpartum recovery. First of all, it helped my uterus contract back down so much more quickly than if I hadn’t been using anything –we are talking 1-2 weeks rather than months! Secondly, being able to insert ice or heat packs into it was truly amazing and mode those steps in the healing and care process so much simpler and less cumbersome. And finally, when I wear it, it helps me feel like I can sit, stand, walk & move much more easily. It helps my body feel secure and less likely to fall apart! I would say that no one should go without a Mama Strut in their postpartum recovery. It’s 100% a must have for ALL mamas!”
— Melody H., Los Angeles

“I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for the mama strut!! I had no idea how much I would come to depend on it. I started to use it as soon as I got home from the hospital and it was instants relief. I should have brought it to the hospital but I am using it every day now. I really think this should be a must have item for every expecting mom. It helps me focus on the baby instead of the discomfort.”
— Lizzette, Venice, CA

“I wore it the entire time I was in the hospital, and it really supported my mid-section and made it feel better. When I would take it off to use the restroom, I would feel like my middle was falling apart and I couldn’t wait to put it back on. After just 5 days with the Mama Strut, my belly was barely protruding anymore.”
— Ellie, Santa Monica

“I loved that it also was functional as a girdle, it helped with back support since your muscles are tired. I didn’t have to take any pain medication when I wore it and it was super comfortable”
— Marnette, Los Angeles

“Being able to walk straight and able to wear my maternity dress confidently outside without worry helped me a lot. Also, I really loved the three straps that held the ice pack tight. The product was already nice without them but the straps made it perfect.”
— Akiko, Los Angeles