Sizing & Care

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Mama Strut Sizing Information. Mama Strut Postpartum Care System is sized to fit your postpartum body and has over 6″ of adjust-ability to shrink with you as you heal.

When sizing your Mama Strut we recommend that you buy your pre-pregnancy pant size if you were “normal” weight prior to conceiving and gained the recommended 25-35 lbs. during pregnancy. If you have multiples, or happen to have gained more, you may want to go up a size. If you find you are between sizes we recommend you order the larger size.

Band & SizeFits Mama Strut Size
XXS26″ to 32″ (66cm to 82cm)
XS29″ to 34″ (73cm to 87cm)
S32″ to 37″ (82cm to 94cm)
MED35″ to 42″ (94cm to 107cm)
LG38″ to 45″ (97cm to 115cm)
XL42″ to 48″ (107cm to 123cm)
2XL48″ to 54″ (122cm to 137cm)
3XL54″ to 60″ (137cm to 152cm)
4XL60″ to 64″ (152cm to 163cm)

What Will My Postpartum Size Be?

Most women will still appear pregnant for a period of time after giving birth while the body starts to heal so you may have trouble at first closing your properly sized Mama Strut but if you purchased the correct size you should be able to get it closed without it being too constricting.

Ideally, you want to put Mama Strut on immediately after delivery to maximize benefits from the cold /compression therapy. Depending on your water retention, you will be easily closing the Mama Strut within hours or days and cinching it smaller and smaller across your abdomen as your uterus shrinks and soft tissue swelling heals and reduces.

Although every body is different, many mamas report losing about 3-5 inches right after delivery on their abdomen. We size Mama Strut at the top of your hips right under your baby bump. It is not necessary to measure the widest part of your hips. Although you may feel like your hips continue to grow, after about 34 weeks that measurement usually does not change, so you can size anytime during or after the 34th week.

Most mamas are also pretty swollen or bloated immediately after delivery so we highly recommend the Extender Bands. They offer 3″ of additional adjust-ability. ($4.99)

Example #1:
Sally is 36 weeks pregnant and Sally’s hips ( at the top of her pubic bone, as depicted in the image above)  measure 36″. Sally prepregnancy wore a size 4-6 pants and stayed within the generally recommended 25-35 lb. weight gain during pregnancy. Sally buys a Mama Strut size Small.

Example #2:
Laura is 38 weeks pregnant and has a hip measurement of 42″ and prepregnancy normally purchases pants in a size large. Laura purchases a size Large Mama Strut because she is at the top of the size chart for a medium and large is consistent with her pre-pregnancy size.