In order to better serve more Mamas, we are restructuring our insurance billing partnership. If you’d like a Medical Grade Mama Strut Complete System ($500 MSRP), you’ve come to the right place to learn more!


Located in GA, IL, NJ, NY, NC or WI?
Your insurance provider may cover all or part of your Mama Strut costs upfront. Scroll to our list of Durable Medical Equipment Retailers below and direct all insurance billing inquiries to the DME Retailer affiliated with your state.

Not located in GA, IL, NJ, NY, NC or WI?
You may be eligible for reimbursement after purchasing a Mama Strut from our site. Scroll down to our Insurance Reimbursement section to learn more.

Due September 2018 or later?
Your insurance provider may totally or partially cover the cost of a Mama Strut. We are happy to submit a claim to bill your insurance. Just click the ‘Bill My Insurance’ button below.
Please note that United Healthcare and Kaiser do not cover the cost of the Mama Strut upfront.
Bill My Insurance (I’m Due On or After 9/1/2018)

Tricare Patient?
Submit your info to our Tricare billing partner by clicking the ‘Bill Through Tricare’ button below.
Bill Through Tricare 

Already submitted your info??

Wondering if your provider has sent us your paperwork? Call 844-370-1858 (Mama Strut Mama Care) 

If you received an email that your paperwork was submitted to our partner Edgepark, you may contact them with all coverage determination inquiries. Just call 1 (800) 321-0591 Ext. 7388, Option 2 (Edgepark Billing Department) 

Mama Strut DME Retailers

Live in GA, IL, NJ, NC or WI and want your Mama Strut before September 2018? One of our Durable Medical Equipment Retailers can help, just contact the DME Retailer affiliated with your state!

  • Georgia – Call Hometown Medical Equipment @ (706)507-2222
  • Illinois – Call Neb Medical of Illinois @ (866)633-1597
  • New Jersey – Call Twin City Pharmacy @ (908)755-7696
  • New York – Call Surgical Shop @ (845)425-2617
  • North Carolina – Call Hometown Medical Equipment @ (706)507-2222
  • Wisconsin – Call Neb Medical of Wisconsin @ (414)258-9503

Insurance Reimbursement

If you’d like to buy a Mama Strut and submit for reimbursement through your insurance provider:

  • Contact your insurance provider for reimbursement submission options and coverage for product code L8310.
  • Click ‘Download Rx for Reimbursement’ and get your OB/GYN or Midwife to complete the Rx.
  • After purchasing your Mama Strut, submit your invoice and completed Rx directly to your insurance provider.

Download Rx for Reimbursement

**If you have an HSA or FSA account attached to your insurance plan, you can purchase with your HSA/FSA issued card on our site