Your Complete Mama Strut System could be covered by insurance , you’ve come to the right place to learn more!

For answers to all of your insurance related questions, download our FAQ:
 Insurance FAQ
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Your insurance provider may totally or partially cover the cost of a Mama Strut if billed through one of our qualified durable medical equipment suppliers. The Mama Strut System is carried by many DME suppliers across the US. 

Get your Mama Strut in 4 simple steps:

  1.  Complete our qualification form here
  2.  Have your healthcare provider complete the forms and send them back to Mama Strut
  3.  Mama Strut refers you to a qualified supplier who can attempt to bill your insurance
  4.  A qualified supplier will contact you to confirm your order before billing and shipping

Use our Insurance Checklist to ensure you have completed the steps!

Note that submission does not guarantee coverage. Your insurance will not be billed and you will not be charged without further confirmation directly from you. 

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How do I get an update on my request?
To reach Mama Strut, call 844-370-1858 ext 2 or email with your full name, expected date of delivery and your date of birth.

If you have already been in contact with a qualified supplier, please contact them directly.