Mama Strut Insurance Coverage

Mama Strut does not bill insurance, we manufacture the product. We have no control over the process but have worked hard to build partnerships and educate the healthcare system about the need for postpartum support. Listed below are some potential pathways to having your brace covered! Please do not send us your forms, please send them to the appropriate partner listed below or your insurance provider depending on what route you’re taking.


If you’d like to purchase a Mama Strut and submit for reimbursement through your insurance provider:

  • Contact your insurance provider for reimbursement submission options and coverage for product code L8310, PELV-ICE’s Tax ID# 46-4227793, NPI #119 419 7780
  • Click ‘Download Rx for Reimbursement’ and get your OB/GYN or Midwife to complete the Rx.
  • After purchasing your Mama Strut, submit your invoice and completed Rx directly to your insurance provider.

Download Rx for Reimbursement

**If you have an HSA or FSA account attached to your insurance plan, you can purchase with your HSA/FSA issued card on our site**


Please contact our Tricare Partners directly to inquire about Tricare coverage.

Hometown Medical

Our Insurance Partners

We have compiled a list of partners that may be able to help you with billing insurance based on your plan, you can find their contact info below.