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Postpartum Emotions

By Mama Strut / January 19, 2017

Postpartum emotions, postpartum feelings, postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety Emotions – The first weeks and months after childbirth is a time of emotional upheaval. Intense feelings like– joy, exhaustion, fatigue, confusion, loneliness, disappointment, anger, fear, and happiness are all common.

Settling into your new role as a mother is a normal “life crisis.” You redefine who you are and the new responsibility of caring for a totally dependent infant can feel like a very heavy a burden. It’s not unusual to feel that your life has changed too radically and all that’s left is feeding, changing, and soothing an infant. But, try to keep perspective and remember that you are not alone, not the first or the last that has successfully mastered this transition. You will get into your new routine. Be patient with yourself and remove unrealistic expectations.


You will have less time for your loved ones and yourself. The depth of your feelings are related to hormonal changes, fatigue and lack of sleep, and to the pain of incisions, swollen breasts or sore nipples. It may also be related to the level of support you have at home, your feelings about your childbirth experience, and the individual needs of your baby. Know that all moms need help and the more you can ask for and receive the better for you and your family.


Unmanaged pain has been shown to decrease mood and your ability to connect with your loved ones and baby. Make sure you are taking the appropriate measures to manage your pain at this critical time.