Naturally Supporting the Way You Heal Postpartum™


A total game changer

This is my third pregnancy. I had no idea how much more the third time would hurt! Ever since the beginning of the second trimester, I have felt so much pressure “down there” almost constantly that I almost feel like I’m ready to have this baby at any moment. When a friend told me about the Mama Strut, I was delighted to learn that they offered a maternity version. I ordered one right away.

Upon receiving the product, I tried it on immediately and felt the pressure disappear. This is truly a game changer. After being on my feet all day with my two older toddlers, it was such a relief to not feel the throbbing pain I had been feeling before. I can wake up in the morning and get out of bed and not want to cry. I love how each product comes with the ice/heating pack inserts that are removable and washable. So smart! Plus, the heating/ice pack feature itself is out of this world. I look forward to that moment after the kids go to bed so I have my feet up with this thing on. Whether I’m icing or heating (or neither), it’s amazing. This product has not only lowered my level of physical pain, it has decreased my emotional stress level and positively impacted my relationship with my kids and husband. I’m not cranky mom or wife anymore!

Aside from the love I feel for the product itself, I have to commend the quality of service that this company delivers to its customers. I received a leaky ice/heating pack with my Mama Strut and when I called to notify the company, the customer service representative was incredibly understanding and helpful. I received a brand new 2-pack in the mail 2 days later. Not long afterwards, I was super disappointed to discover that there was a pretty large tear in the back of my Mama Strut in a place that affected the level of compression that I needed. I sent the company an email and within an hour I received an email with tracking information for a brand new Mama Strut. It was at my door in 2 days. I’m wearing it now, and somehow it’s even more amazing than the one I received initially.

I can’t thank Mama Strut enough for creating such a life changing product. I only wish all moms with the same or similar issues could have the opportunity to own one of these.

Christine Cutting
February 12, 2018

Mama Strut Allowed Me To See My Baby

My first two pregnancies were in 2013 and 2015. My first was a natural home birth and my second was an early induced labor. My recoveries were about average. Painful, long and felt like I’d never be back to my old self again.
With my 3rd pregnancy, I was very high risk. I ended up having an emergency c-section at 28 weeks. It was very scary and my body had been through a lot of trauma including inutero blood transfusions leading up to before the c-section. I heard about Mama strut after being in bed for over a week after the c-section and immediately ordered one. I was trying to push myself to get up and walk around but I could hardly walk to the bathroom after over a week. I got my Mama Strut within days of ordering! I cannot even express how incredible it felt when I first put it on. Because I was bed ridden so bad, I wasn’t even able to go to the hospital to see my precious little baby boy in the NICU for the first 1 1/2 weeks until I got my Mama Strut! The day after I got it in the mail, I went into the NICU and even walked a lot of the way. And that day I was able to hold my baby for the very first time! I don’t know what I would’ve done without Mama Strut. It was comfortable and allowed me to do so many more things while wearing it. I would recommend this to anyone!

Rachel Dunn
February 9, 2018

The snap back was real!

Real Mama Strut Mama Postpartum

This was my first baby and I was doing all the research I possibly could. I was able to find that my insurance covered the Mama Strut and it was the best thing that I could have done. 12 hours after delivering my baby I had my husband strap me in. The only time I took it off was to shower. I wore it for 6 weeks straight. Throwing it in the washing machine was very easy, held up to about 5 washes. I loved the ice pack that came with it. We stayed in the hospital for about 36 hours after delivery and by the time we left, I was still swollen but I did not look pregnant. The swelling had subsided thanks to the Mama Strut. I recommend this to all my pregnant friends! A plus was that I delivered in August so I was able to wear the Mama Strut with a nursing bra in the hospital as well as lounging around at home with the new baby. I def felt it help with posture and pain relief, I delivered vaginally and the ice packs were very helpful. In the future even if my insurance does not cover it it is ssssooo worth the price. I was back pre-pregnancy clothing within the first month. (This is my picture in my Mama Strut 12 hours after delivery– Happy because I am a supported mama)

Josie Ramirez
January 16, 2018

A wonderful product for postpartum!!

Mama Strut product review postpartum must have

I bought this product with the hope it would help. I originally bought the wrong size but was able to return for a larger size. I’m glad I did! Comfort is a must after birth. However, I sadly forgot to bring the Mama Strut to the hospital with me! As soon as I was home though, I put it on and I felt less pressure, pain. The cooling gel packs are a plus!! I like that they are shorts and that they are stretchy. This is a postpartum must have following birth! Mama Strut is a great product and my Mama Strut will be missed now that it is packed away. Until my next pregnancy, see you soon!!

Lauren C
December 4, 2017

Mama Strut Provided Me Instant Relief

From the moment I put on my Mama Strut I felt relief. Not only was the pain gone but standing and walking was so much easier. My focus went from what was the throbbing, falling out feeling between my legs to my baby. I would have never thought Mama Strut would make me happy but it did. It completely changed my mood! Thank you Mama Strut– Tammi F.

November 17, 2017

I love my Mama Strut! Worth Every Penny!

My Mama Strut arrived the day before I was unexpectedly induced (perfect timing). I was in labor for 30 hrs and my pelvis and back felt most of the pain, and I ended up needing an emergency c-section. The hospital gave me a postpartum binder to wear while they had me try to walk around to get me recovering faster. I tried it a few times in the hospital, and then tried my Mama Strut. It was a night and day difference. The Mama Strut felt natural and supportive, while the other binder they gave me felt like I was in a body cast I couldn’t move in. My baby ended up needing to be in the NICU for a week, and the Mama Strut was the only way I was able to walk when I went to see him each day. I’m currently 2 weeks postpartum and have found that it’s hard to hold my baby and walk around because of lower back pain and lack of abdominal strength, but when I have the Mama Strut on it virtually eliminates the pain and gives me the much needed back, pelvic floor and abdomen support I need. I wear the Mama Strut to sleep because I definitely need the support getting in and out of bed, and even when I’m just sitting lounging in bed or on the couch. My Mama Strut gives me better posture, helps my back and stomach feel supported, the pelvic floor support straps help my crotch feel like it’s not going to fall out… I just love the thing. It’s been worth every penny. I plan to use it for many more weeks to come.

Monica Greye
November 17, 2017

Mama Strut saved me from SPD

When I had my first child, I didn’t have a mama strut or any postpartum support. It took me forever to feel comfortable again, I had PPD & trouble breastfeeding. Overall unfortunately it just wasn’t the best recovery experience. When I was pregnant with my second daughter, I ended up with SPD the last two months so I was in excruciating pain and my doctors couldn’t even tell me if it would fix itself after birth or not. I found mama strut and ordered one right away. I put it on at the hospital after I gave birth and my recovery was a breeze. I also truly believe it was the reason my pelvis set right and I was back to normal almost immediately. Mama strut was my life saver.

Tosha Stahlecker
August 1, 2017

Mama Strut was a Lifesaver after my high risk pregnancy and labor

I was surprised at how much the mama strut support system helped with the unexpected pain, for example my post-partum back pain. I suffered the loss of use of my left leg after delivery which threw my whole back out of whack even after I regained use of my leg. The support system held my sore muscles in place which made it easier to move around. The first night after labor I cried uncontrollably because I had to rely on others to bring my son to me. I felt helpless. Then I remembered the mama strut support system and wore it from then on out which allowed me to care for my son on my own!

Edyn R.
August 1, 2017

Mama Strut Helped Me Heal

I sustained an injury to my symphysis pubis (joint at the pubic bone) during childbirth that caused an insane amount of pain and the inability to move around for weeks. I couldn’t walk – I had to shuffle my feet to get to the bathroom. My husband had to pick up my legs and help me in and out of bed, on and off the couch and into the shower. I couldn’t get up to tend to my newborn. Along with that, I was recovering from an intense vaginal birth. It was pretty brutal – both physically and mentally.

I had purchased my Mama Strut while I was pregnant and brought it to the hospital with me. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without it. I continuously wore it every day – I even slept in it – and rotated the ice packs religiously. It provided me with so much support and I’m certain that it assisted in my healing. Most of all, it helped me mentally, to feel more confident in my movement and to feel a sense of relief allowing me to be present for my sweet little baby.

Thank you for creating the Mama Strut. I recommend it to all of my pregnant clients and friends!

Nicole Foster
August 1, 2017

Instant relief from months of pain

In my second trimester I got diagnosed with SPD. It was incredibly painful and frustrating, especially since I’m a college dance team teach coach and was hoping to continue working with my students for as long as I possibly could. I had to get one of those large obnoxious velcro belts to stabilize my hips but the pain was constant. Fast forward to the day after my little man was born; my wonderful husband prepared the Mama Strut for me to wear in the hospital (with the help of the nurses of course). The moment I put it on I felt instant relief in so many areas! Not only was the ice pack a God send on my lady parts but the heat on my lower back eased the residual SPD pain. Plus, the firm support of the wrap was just the right amount of pressure to not only help shrink my stomach back to size, but it also helped as my hips got back into place. So many benefits from a single item ~ I highly recommend the Mama Strut to all mamas-to-be <3

Michele M
August 1, 2017

Holding yourself together

I healed a lot faster this pregnancy better than last I wished I knew about this with my first would have been nice. I honestly tell any mom I can about this so they have the information about it

Kari Pugh
August 1, 2017

Got my pre-pregnancy body back

I am loving Mama Strut..I recommend it to all new moms that I meet..I am a first time mom and found out about Mama Strut through a friend…was super excited to use it,because my belly got ginormous at the end of my pregnancy…I mean..I was huge…I have pictures to prove haha…I said goodbye to my old body…But Mother Nature is an amazing thing…It has been 9 months and I almost back to where I was…I do not work out…I do though eat really healthy,but more like how I was eating during pregnancy…One of the most important things is pulling the abdominal muscles back to place.You cant really work out or do much until they are back in place.And that is what Mama Strut is mainly for:)

Vlada Strange
August 1, 2017

Super helpful!

At first I was nervous about putting on my Mama Strut with my c-section incision. I didn’t know at the time that I could get a silicone cover to add more protection to it. Once I did put on my Mama Strut, about a week about a week after birth, I wished I had put it on sooner! I was amazed at how quickly my stomach healed and returned to pre-pregnancy size! After having 5 babies, my stomach hadn’t been that size in so long! It was also great support for recovering from a c-section and I didn’t go a day without it until my stomach was strong enough. I can’t say enough about this product!

Abigail D
August 1, 2017