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About The Creator

The visionary behind the Mama Strut is Jill Bigelow, a serial entrepreneur, finance professional, USC MBA (2007) and mom of three – ages 6, 3 1/2 and a new born.  After giving birth to her second child in 2011, she was frustrated that her hospital's solution for her pelvic discomfort was ice in a rubber glove, gauze underwear and pain medication. After scouring both the medical and maternity markets, Bigelow was surprised to discover there was no singular product that truly addressed all her physical ailments as a new mom.

Inspired by other braces for soft-tissue injuries, the idea for the Mama Strut was born. In August 2011, Bigelow applied for a patent and turned to innovation incubators, tech contests and clinical trials with multiple departments at USC, including AIM Incubator, Greif Center, Marshall, Viterbi's MEPC Innovation Incubator and the Alfred Mann Institute. Through USC's tremendous support, she was able to bring her vision to fruition and perfect her product. In 2013, her prototype was classified by the FDA and in 2014, she celebrated the launch of her company PELV-ICE™ and its first product of many, the Mama Strut™.

Bigelow resides in Los Angeles with her husband and three children and became a Mama Strut user in February 2015 after the birth of her third child.

PELV-ICE is the leader in postpartum care with its inaugural product the Mama Strut. Mama Strut makes pelvic soft tissue recovery easier by supporting all sides of the pelvis with multi-directional support and adjustable ice and heat pouches.

PELV-ICE™ is a breakthrough medical device company that brings the standard of care for acute pelvic soft tissue trauma into the 21st century. With a portfolio of products that cater to a range of injuries and discomfort from childbirth, surgeries, urological issues, hip replacements, and acute and chronic pelvic conditions, PELV-ICE revolutionizes the recovery process safely, comfortably, and naturally for women and men of all ages.

Mama Strut™
PELV-ICE’S debut product, the Mama Strut™, is an adjustable soft brace that incorporates therapeutic heat/ice and is uniquely designed to get new moms back on their feet after childbirth.

Having a baby can be one of the most physically trying times for women. And finally, there is a natural, convenient and safe way for new moms to improve their quality of life on the road to recovery: The Mama Strut.

Engineered to deliver postpartum comfort and mobility while supporting the body’s healing process, the Mama Strut employs the scientifically researched and approved methods of
compression and ice/heat therapy in the form of a discreet and easily wearable soft brace device.

The Mama Strut’s exclusive shorts and abdominal/lower back support includes removable crotch pouches that attach to the inside with velcro for ice/heat application. The removable pouches are designed to reduce pain, swelling and cramping from vaginal deliveries, c-sections and vaginal prolapse. The quick-drying bamboo, nylon and spandex fabric eliminates any moisture,
bacteria and odors from perspiration, and also lays flat and discreet beneath clothing.

Created by a mom for moms, the Mama Strut has been tested by postpartum women and is endorsed by both the maternity and medical communities. It is patent pending and was classified as a Class 1 medical device by the FDA in 2013.

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keckMama Strut™ Clinical Study
A clinical Study is currently underway on Mama Strut Postpartum Care System at USC.

“Postpartum Mama Strut users claim the device helps decrease postpartum pain and improve recovery. We are conducting a pilot clinical trial to assess these claims. We will be assessing factors such as pain score, overall mood, overall satisfaction with birth experience,and improved rates of breast feeding in users compared to non users with otherwise routine postpartum care.”

Study investigators are Dr. Sara Twogood and Dr. Alyssa Quimby, both assistant professors of Obstetrics and Gynecology at USC.