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Postpartum Skin Changes

By Mama Strut / January 19, 2017

Postpartum skin issues, postpartum skin problems, postpartum acne Skin – Common skin conditions postpartum are stretch marks, melasma, acne, facial spider veins, and flaky dry skin.

Stretch marks may be more noticeable postpartum then while pregnant but should fade over time and may be aided with some topical creams but more effective are modern laser treatments.


Melasma, is brown to gray-brown patches on the face. Most people get it on their cheeks, bridge of their nose, forehead, chin, and above their upper lip. It can be triggered by hormones and the sun and usually fades after pregnancy.

melasma, Postpartum skin issues, postpartum skin problems, postpartum acne






Postpartum Acne, is a result of the hormone changes, stress and less than ideal skin care routines during postpartum. It can be improved with better facial hygiene and topical creams.

Postpartum acne, bad skin after pregnancy, pimples after pregnancy






Facial Spider Veins, are visible on the surface of your skin tend to be on the face, below the eyes, or on the cheekbones. Other common places for them to show up include the neck, chest, hands, forearms, and ears.

Facial Spider veins often develop in pregnancy, particularly in the first trimester and second trimester. This is because they are linked to higher levels of the hormone estrogen circulating around your body.
About a quarter of us have one or more spider veins. They are harmless and aren’t usually a sign of illness, and only very rarely cause problems such as bleeding. They often clear up in about six months after your baby is born. In the meantime, you can cover them up with make-up and if the veins don’t get better after pregnancy, it’s possible to have laser surgery to remove them.

Facial spider veins postpartum






Dry and Flaky skin, is also caused by hormone changes and imbalanced hydration. It can appear as red-ish or leathery spots on the skin. Staying hydrated internally with water and externally with lotion should reduce the irritation.

Postpartum dry & flaky skin